i was speeding
i always seem to be
when i saw an
evergreen hearse
in the left lane
directly ahead of me
it felt ominous
but with anxiety
everything can
so i sped past it
then the song stopped
and the name of it
in all caps scrolled
playing with fire
this made me pause
first a hearse in green
then a stuck song
in all capitals warning
so i decided if fate
wanted to play games
it could scrape me off
the concrete median
as i pressed the pedal
to the floor and skipped
to the next track
which was by get dead
i won’t lie that it
made me hesitate slightly
but then i shrugged
and kept going faster
because there is nothing
i like more than to
spit in the eye of
good sense and divinity
it feels as if no matter
what i do in this life
it is never enough to
actually fucking matter
so at least they can add
amateur daredevil to
the granite headstone
beneath loving father
and failed poet


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