sunday morning armageddons

lost in the
wistful crespusculance
of lucent persiflage
dreamscatter puffs
of angular nuances
a nuisance
an angry cyst
a weeping wound
of insular distrust
as the idiots gather
to rattle the bars
of the poetic monkey
flinging shit
in the silent adulation
an abscess of absense
gray as the skies
gray as the tears
shimmy in waves of
anxious nausea
bashing its head
against the electrified
bars of an invisible cage
while hellsplinters
are lovingly inserted
through broken ribs
breathing the dust
of the crushed corpse
where creativity
flourished in a
plethora of stinging
lashes given in
an effort to delete
the empty sorrows
a drain unplugged
a maelstrom in
spiraling disenchantment
tugging the corners
of flaccid lips into
a perpetual scowl
tap tap tapping away
cutting his own keys
seeking asylum in
the disinfected halls
of abandoned hospitals
a shepherd sheering
a flock of imaginary
sleepless sheep
amidst an abundance
of prowling wolves
gray as forever
gray as the silence
disconnecting the
in these labyrinthian
corridors between
brief moments where
he exists partially
and roaming purgatory
a lonely gray wisp
following crimson tears
farther and farther
from any sense of well


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