ashes of wonderment

my body aches
one big bruise
a goldbergian
array of overly
complex failings
slowly toppling
from within
a sac of nigh
translucent pink
brief flashes of
dying dreams
a million stars
winking out
leaving huge
swathes of
swirling darkness
in this semimobile
eddifice to
emotional erasure
treading across
these eggshells
careful not to
disturb the silence
so heavily reinforced
trying to maintain
spinning plates
in a dizzying display
of dexterity
where anxious fingers
shake from this
ingrained fear
every single
itchy trigger ignored
sifting through
the pieces of peace
scattered among
the shrapnel from
misfired armaments
strung along merrily
clinging to the scraps
of tattered hope
growing lesser than
in an ever thundering
barrage of apathy

a human paperweight
serving no true function
a dull gleam
where the silver light
is refracted
held captive by
his own lack of purpose
coated in dust
on a stack of odes left unread
at the back of the desk
where fevered dreams
were once gloriously written

i have become
a sliver of silence
piercing the dark
cutting deeply into
the nebulous emptiness
a line of filth
on the edge of forever
marring eternity
with anixieties born
of deep seated scars
a burlap sack filled
with shattered needs
and fetid desires
moldering alongside
the crowded highways
leading from disaster
a revenant remnant
in abandoned repose
little more than a
brief diversion where
a vaguely human shaped
stain once flourished
etched deeply into
the spasming abyss

if anyone asks
i never really existed
another faery tale
a chivalrous calamity
left untranscribed
from the annals of
human misery
easily eschewed for
any other distraction
defined by my own
shimmering abundance of
an entropic beast
whispering of love
to the deafening void
where i could have been
had i been here at all


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