two coins

every time
i get a new message
from someone
i haven’t talked to
in a very long time
a cold pit opens
because i have learned
thanatos has taken
another soul

the gods damned
ferry man has taken
a friend across
the river styx
and sorrow burns
unquenchable as i
sip upon lethe
yearning to forget

so many lost
worn worry spots
leaving divets
in the scattered dust
of dreamshatter goodbyes
left unspoken
because we always
had tomorrow
until we didn’t
and by the time we knew it
it was already too late

we were a split branch
until the weather
broke us apart
and we floated on
currents of our own
derisive design
and now you’re dead
while i have nothing but
bittersweet memories
along with the knowledge
of how fleeting
this life can truly be

two coins for charon
to guide you to
the elysium fields
i hope you find
the peace you had sought
in the comfort of
the neverending night
gone too soon
another star burnt out
adding to the darkness
of this lonepy world


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