verge of collapse

i smile the same
as an overpass on
the verge of collapse
creaking along
on splintered supports
trying to maintain
a semblance of
rigorous structure
pitted iron in a
storm of rusted denial

a tattered sack of
bonedust requiems
unfurling strands where
double helical dismay
carried a bountiful
malaise of tired regrets
grit in the morning breeze
stinging the tired
vacant gaze of wonder

an off key serenade
lost in the back section
of the symphonic chorus
where happy sparrows
flit from branch to branch
bits of yarn amid
the broken branches
a makeshift sanctuary
hidden among the blooms
perched tightly between
the perilous thorns

a constant reminder of
painblossoms erupting
in a fit of passionate
unacceptance to waking up
to face the faceless angst
of dreamshatter hymnals
scattered shards where
lamentations take on
the shape of broken hearts
to mutter yesterday’s
promises into the
ever blowing winds of
tomorrow’s many defeats

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