apathy is a fine lie of sodden woe

the poison
an apathetic demise
a sweet fragrance
sapping the will
to do more than
waste away
buried in these
words unwritten

the last week
has been an
engagement of disinterest
the buzzing of insects
sheer static
playing over
emotional dissonance
as i chart my
position in depression
comparative to
bipolar fluctuations

discontented in
a lack of output
seeking distractions
from the mundanity
of slowly roasting
in my own juices
a blank mask
covering my ugly
as i vanish into the
underbrush with just
a faint rustle of leaves

unable to convince
myself to scream
because it seems
there is no one around
to ignore me
sullenly sitting in
self fabricated silences
petulant in my own
putrid phantasmic swill
seeking solace in
a vacancy of myopic pains

the poison sloshes
an anticoagulant
to aid in the bloodletting
slowly draining
the apathetic corpse
of soulslivered need
ravaging the heart of
the emaciated host
trapped in dreamspiralled dooms


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