detachment issues

i stand
bereft of skin
in the sandstorm
of scintillating
the eye of the
needle puncturing
this desolation of
indecent wonder

i do not know
from whence i came
the past in
splinters slashing
the collapsing
heart of the storm
eradicating the calm
in eerie viridesecnce
as the ground
shudders in agony
all around me

my mechanical heart
wheezes a dirge
as the seas retreat
with a soft sucking
skittering crabs
chase the flood
as a tsunami full of
indistinct sorrows
prepares itself
beyond the expanse
of sunlight dappled
suddenly exposed silt

well aware i napped
but uncertain as to if
i ever truly awakened
the madness consumes
the hollowed out moon
leaving crumbs floating
in a dissolution of
nightcap disillusionment
where shadows frolic
in the absence of
what will never be

my shoulders ache
from restless abandonment
my retinas detached
in blurry remembrance
of an earlier delusion
where happily ever afters
are etched in granite
over the withered corpses
in dreamshattered restraints
shackled to the
nothingness promised in
the wake of tomorrow


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