distant planets and the death of childhood fancies

i have finally
come to terms with
the fact i will never
stand upon the surface
of a distant planet
no glimpses of
the frozen nitrogen
glaciers of pluto
i won’t stand there
and watch as charon
stays in the same place
as the world spins

i will never
travel faster than light
escape the boundaries
of the milky way
trapped on this
dying world
in the path of an
ever expanding sun
i won’t get to see
consume the moon

we were supposed
to have flying cars
and martian colonies
not an island of plastic
poisoning the pacific
a hole in the ozone
people forgot all about
record droughts
unseasonable cold snaps
plagues and poxes
a growing list of
extinct and endangered animals

probably best
we don’t go out into
the depths of space
and for all of our
self aggrandizing
when we eventually
kill ourselves off
we won’t even leave
a cautionary tale
just smoking ruin
ashes floating in the
absence of space

i have finally
come to terms with
the fact i will never
as much view another planet
fron the portcullis of
a space faring ship
but i may live
just long enough
to hammer a nail
in this planet’s coffin

it’s fucked up
when your final dreams
wither to nothing
leaves a soul
with nothing to do
but lay down and die
a slow death of
imaginary seconds
still i sow the seeds
of adoration
never expecting to witness
the fruition of blossoms


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