too close to the wrong end of the airport

the car rattles
as the airplanes
make their descent
the shadows pass
over the parking lot
the sky is a sickly
yellow as the sun
is merciless in its
immaculate ferocity
and i cannot figure
out a single reason
anyone would come
to dallas in summer
a concrete disaster
scarring the earth
filled with angry ants
swarming the streets
in a hurry to go
to another dead end
germs congesting the
strips between edifices
to greed and gluttony

i wish i were on the
other side of the airport
where the people pack
themselves in tubes
to launch into the sallow
emptiness in an effort
to flee this godforsaken
land of broken dreamers
knowing i can never
escape this hell of
my own depressive state
longing to soar but
having cut my own wings
baking as the sun reflects
off the cracked asphalt
squinting up at the planes
full of hapless fools
semiconscious mobile proteins
for the red hot grill

the leaves rustle
a sweet song of surrender
in the arid breeze
a squirrel clings
upside down while staring
at a fool transcribing
wildflowers over the
barren nothingness


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