a request

strap me to
the fucking table
jam a spike
into ny tear duct
place elctrodes
on my skull
crank that shit
to one hundred
secure my arms
chain me to the
beige padded wall
and feed me
all the dimestore
psychologies while
you pump me full
of the finest
pharmaceutical wonders
give me all the
drips and pills
and drops and patches
and suppositories
shoot me full of
peace and heaven
as i vomit
each and every
one of my sorrows
onto the tiles
crack me open
scramble my yolk
until there are
no more demons
howling for agonies
dissect my flaws
then stitch me together
with coarse thread
replace my organs
with sawdust tchotckes
and my insecurities
with spider eggs
as rorscharch images
strobe along the
two way glass
i am too tired
to run from my pain
and i long for the
amnesia of drugs
to numb this life
deaden the feelings
arcing along my bare form
stripped clear of flesh
and soaking in the
salinity of madness
in insomnial dismay


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