solstice blues

the birds
stutter as
the day begins
to buffer
a static overlay
of demonic heat
in the throes of
the sun’s fury
as we hurtle
at our closest point
the solstice burns
hope to ash
as summer asserts
her dominance
on the sphere
the children celebrate
these dog days
while i am as
miserable as hades
in my own hell
without the sweet
embrace of persephone
just pomegranate
memories in this
suffusion of light
impatient for
the nights to lengthen
and the leaves
to fall once again
willing to sacrifice
the verdant fields
turning brown under
the withering gaze
of apollo’s vanity
for a cool night
spent holding her
with stolen kisses
beneath the stars
trapped in another
longest day in an
ever escalating cycle
of inclement woe
as the birds stutter
a song of summer
in a panic of light
unsetting as i
grow more unsettled
in a static of
burning need


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