hard stop

my mind races
a million miles a second
and then
hard stop.

sensory overload
induces a constriction
panic seizes my chest
the pin is pulled
and an explosion of
exposition tears through
cancer ridden meat
i taste batteries
on my tongue
and pinpricks flare
acros my scalp and i
cannot fucking breathe and
hard stop.

i am
a metaphorical nightmare
i unfurl my wings
gazing lethargically over
this land of spoiled milk
and rancid promises
drowning in desires
spitting poisoned verse
all while lamenting
this tragic state of being
wishing it all would
hard stop.

just stop.

watching the world
fall to pieces
the economy is dead
humanity is dead
corporations manipulate
corpses like marionettes
consumed with abstracts
assigning value to
improbable what if scenarios
quantifying infinity
in bite size increments
regulating matter down to
incomprehensible bits
striving to understand
the secrets of this
accidental insanity
always moving
always buzzing about
falling farther and farther
from the dead eyes of eternity
the sky is falling
the sky is falling
yet we cheer the fiddlers
decrying the facts
flying faster and faster
until the only thing left
is a hard stop.

we just need
to fucking stop.

i am tired
i can feel the earth
the wobble lurching
and i want to get off
i need to stop.

but it just keeps going.


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