the grift

i watched them
two older men
flirting with the
woman watching
the self check out lanes
one would call her over
calling her gorgeous
as the other set
unscanned items
into his bags
then he would call her
and the other guy
would repeat the theft
it was a good scam
that brought a smile
to my face
she was ecstatic
from all the attention
they got needed food
and when she saw me
grinning from the grift
she called me handsome
and wandered over
letting both men steal
to their heart’s content
the only real victim
the greedy corporate fucks
embracing inflation
at the expense of the poor
so when she whirled around
to flirt anew
i scanned the pinto beans
and tossed the stewmeat
into my bag instead
which brought a nod
of respect from the
elderly conman
and as the three of us
pushed our carts out
she shouted happily
that she hoped her men
had a lovely day
and i smiled all the wider
her day was made
and once i got home
so the chili would be as well


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