summer night

hollow bone
wind chimes sound
a mournful dirge
clattering together
in the solemn heat
a coyote whines
in the distance
careful to keep off
the hot pavement
skulking in the
tall brown grass
red dust fills
the merciless skies
with a crimson rage
as i sit tying loops
in six feet of rope
the weathervane
creaks ominously
as the breeze blows
from satan’s scowl
whipping up small
dust devils of grit
through the open
graying barn doors
to where i sit
i am goddamned tired
yet staring at the
bundle twitching
in the discarded hay
littering the floor
with a touch of jealousy
he’d get the quick end
while my torment
seems insurmountable
by anything close
to a simple death


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