stri(n)g theories

physicists claim
the center of a black hole
contains infinite density
as a placeholder
because they have
no idea what truly
occurs within

i claim
the center of my black heart
contains infinite density
as a placeholder
because i cannot
find the words to truly
describe this longing within

my bipolar soul
pummles the universe
with these quantum dissertations
on theoretical adoration
each wordstring vibrating
in infinite fluctutations
forming the building blocks
of entropic failure

each i love you whispered
fills the emptiness
a suffocation of irradiated pleas
rippling with gravity waves
an infinite density
in suicidal synchronicity
where time ceases its
infernal flow

i yearn for your touch
your lips seizing my breath
in the infinite density
where my every atom condenses
to fill the gaps within you
a shuddering new black hole
as passion flares
eradicating this universal sorrow
leaving a fine sheen of sweat
along your shapely thighs
for my tongue to trace
the secrets of the cosmos itself
in orgasmic bursts
exposing the divinity in
the ravings of physicists and poets


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