seaside graves in disrepair

on days like this
my heart
is a seaside grave
my mind filled
with the sound of
waves breaking
as the wind whistles
over faded granite

the sun shines
aloof in golden rays
seeking no secrets
from swirled shadows
lending no light
in which to shelter
demure self disintegrations

i lay sleepless
in the empty basement
of this haunted
comatorium listening
as the machines hissed
mechanical serenades
to rusted catheters
and malfunctioning iron lungs

on days like this
i thrash against the
restraints festooned
upon my ankles and wrists
the spiders spinning
webs throughout my
hollow skull to catch
each errant ode to escape

trapped in dream
yet unable to sleep
my heart little more
than a seaside grave
anxiety playing
pins and needles down
soulchasms of surrender
in syrupy sweet sorrows


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