heat advisory

the sun’s kisses
leave scorch marks
in trails of brown
across the fields
the heat
shimmering off of
the blinding concrete
sanctuary sought
from the breeze as it
carries embers
while the city burns
along the molten horizon

i long
for the wan silvery
cratered disdain
of that accursed
dead orb
in the nightime sky
no truer
celestial mirror
of a poet’s soul
spitting clumsily
hoping to manufacture
beauty from
the salted soil
in foolish denial
of the emptiness
refracted in
hazel tinged beguile

when i was a child
it never seemed as if
the snows would melt
and summer went on
now i shuffle on
aware nothing is forever
except the darkness
from which we were torn

the sirens call out
lost in the haze
either the world is
on fire
or i have succumb
to the futility of life
and hell
is unfortunately real


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