the coffee hisses, a beast caged (i love you)

the morning feels
no motivation
a series of naps
broken up
by stark terror
my heart thumping
against floating ribs
xylophonic in
panic stricken whimsy
a full bladder
a furry brain
now the coffee
a beast caged
demanding attention
while i ooze
into the couch
oscillating between
silent reverie and

lavender streaks
with each
dry blink across
unfocused oculars
scentless senseless
i taste the
dusty rejoinders
adrenal overstimulation
and fuzzy discombobulation
the sparrows sing
each note quivering
in the spastic jelly
saturating my cells

do you feel
my phantom lips
the afterimage of
an evening of kisses
desperately blown
on the howling wind
the slight tickle
from my fuzzy mustache
along your shoulder
i grasp
in sleepless longing
to hold you close
the surf
longing for the shore
the gulls cry out
my love as they
circle the spectacle
of silent saturdays
spent sifting slowly
through daydream silhouettes
for an instance of you


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