two weeks until (un)tethered (desperate shill noises)

(un)tethered comes out in two weeks. i am excited for this one, as it is cohesive and stuffed with love and longing, which can be both beautiful and painful. it is this fool’s hope that maybe this one will be the one that lands. we must imagine Sisyphus happy after all.

my daughter made this cover and no matter what you think of the poetry inside, it is a work of art. that is not parental pride, that is fact. for (un)requited i had an image in mind and she created my vision. for this, i had a completely different idea for the feel of the book before she showed me this. it went from unnatural to untethered in a moment.

i have found that when people hear poetry, they remember being forced to read some unintelligible archaic meter, while someone explained to them how brilliant it was. the same look as when you are told you have to eat all your liver before you can go out and play, and you realize you may never play again. someone out there will be upset and claim to enjoy liver, remarking how the dusty texture is quite palatable. they are liars. how do i convince the thing i love nearly as much as my precious three, is not what they think? how do i make them give a dead art a fresh chance? that’s the struggle. making people care about this.

i just want to do the one thing that makes all of this manageable for a moment. to share little strips of emotions. it isn’t liver. feels like a shitty slogan.

thanks for giving me a shot.


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