morning drag me up

i need a stronger
colombian blend
to erase the cobwebs
of exhaustion
these dried beans
lack the kick
of fresh cocoa leaves
mashed with diesel
fresh from a
dangerous camp
hidden deep in the
untamed jungles

just another
over caffeinated
roving disaster
seeking a harder kick
to finally ascend
beyond the need for
practice sessions
of the eternal embrace
shivering along
the colortrails of
sleep deprivation
in sultry synesthesia

stumbling into
the carefully stacked
empty bottles
that did little to
numb the anxiety
a nasal drip where
chemicals burn
a sanguine promise of
perpetual delusion
one more bump to
find either meaning
or a face to face
with an indifferent creator

the coffee doesn’t
quite do enough
to dispell this malaise
and acceptance
is nothing more than
surrendering to the
inevitable demise
of shattered dream
so i stagger outside
muttering to myself
under the assaulting rays
of the petulant sun
a broken cog spinning
in an unwanted charade


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