(un)tethered release day

(un)tethered is out now!

honestly, i don’t read my stuff, nor do i recall most of the 6300+ poems, but i have leafed through this one and was pleasantly surprised with it. definitely my best work so far, simply because of the woman that inspired the words spread within. this is my attempt at a love collection, with the idea of grabbing the passion Neruda wrote with and eschewing the ego. this is about giving your heart and soul to someone that is more than you ever dreamt of. the feeling of losing yourself in something bigger than you imagined, wholly and freely. and of the words that get stuck in the back of your mouth.

love is sloppy and wonderful and frightening. it is also the only reason to keep going. we are incorporeal aspects guiding failing vessels towards the darkness of eternity. it is love that makes it somewhat bearable.

thank you for your support these last few years, i hope you enjoy (un)tethered and it reminds you that this chaos is impossible to navigate without a compass pointing you towards home. find your compass, i believe in you.


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