she is the dream my heart cannot awaken from

i spent so long
chasing someone else’s
dreams that i lost
sight of my own
until all there was
left for me
was a garbled path
with the crunching
of dreamshards
i no longer recognized
in a land filled with
all the corpse’s of
the lost bastards
i followed blindly
aware that any
step could be over
the edge of a cliff
into a valley where
the forevers promised
do little more than
fertilize the soil
from which the next
generation of doomed
fools will sprout

a cyclical insanity
passed down in the
songs our fathers sang
as they marched
headlong into hell
an infinite spiral
of cloying sorrows
as we try to forge
something that will
stand the test of time
ignoring the shores
ever eroded in the
inexplicable passage
of passive neglect

i woke this morning
your name like honey
saturating my tongue
bathed in a shower of
the ashes from all
the dreams we sacrificied
in the hopes of those
better tomorrows
that have long since
expired on the shelf
and i hold so tightly
to those fading images
the rest of the day
is lost in desperation
clutching dreamembers
while begging the
sparrows to carry my love
to where the ocean
gently laps at your
shimmering perfection
where every line
glistens golden in
your beautiful gaze
a refraction of hope
pulling my vagabond soul
into your loving embrace


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