1lb no more, no less

the nettles
it is time
for another
screaming session
into the void
opening the
overrun to let
the excess
sluice away
everyone walks
around with
beeswax melted
only capable
of hearing
their own names
stepping over
bloody vomit
staining the sidewalk
with casual disregard
self indulgences
yet the nettles
swiftly sting
another spray
of fetid longing
to pollute
the drinking water
of an indifferent
populous of
self indulgent

here’s your
fucking pound of flesh
jackals prowling
waiting for the
breathing to end
so they can
take shelter
in the hollow ribs
where meaninglessness
danced like a
canary in a cage
following these
false moonbeams
through the
suffocating dark
spurred on by
the needy nettles
to prove i exist
one line at a time
in a pointless parade
of (un)fufilling


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