the planes scream

the planes
are screaming today
displaced air
in a constant rumble
white noise
trying to drown out
the excess static
as i pixelate
slipping back
into a cracked facade
of false smiles
and empty greetings

buddha said
clinging to anger
is the same as
drinking poison
hoping your enemy
will be the one
that dies
but i wonder if
that cherubic
font of various
accumulated wisdoms
ever tried to
voice his feelings
only to be made
to feel lesser
sparsely placated
just to shut him up
or outright dismissed
simply to silence
a wounded heart

the planes scream
nearly as loudly as
the silence where
pleas for comfort
sit sickly and ignored
all of those souls
heading out to
see the world
to be with loved ones
circling overhead
a part of the web
of living beings
while the torn threads
that once nurtured
slash defiantly
as i fade away

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