sleepily mumbled i love yous and something about rain

it’s raining

there is something
so soothing
in the first rains
to break the
stranglehold of
summer’s passion
after so long
threatening to
quench the dessicated
souls of broken
dreamers trapped
in the dusty
hellfire of
biblical tortures
in striking
technicolor oozing

i forgot
how instantly
the pitter patter
soothes the
savage soul seeking
small sweetness
in the sudden calm
as thunder rumbles
lightning flashes
casting shadows
through the blinds

it’s raining

the water runs down
the broken sidewalks
flooding the streets
in angry torrents
more than the
thirsty ground
can hope to drink
i think of all
the sidewalk drawings
in pastel shades
mixing with the mud
into a painter’s cup
of despoiled dreams
rushing into the
once stagnant sewers
where chidlhood hopes
are sanitized and
bottled as drinking water

it’s raining

my head is pounding
and i long for
you in my arms
as i listen to
your heartbeat as
the metronome
happily pulling me
towards a long needed
night of slumber
to awaken with a
faceful of your hair
and a smile that
never seems to fade
gentle as the first
rains of autumn
and as fierce as
the lingering hold
of summer’s devotion

but for now
at least it’s raining


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