sunless sunday saturation

i can feel
the x-rays
pummeling me
as i strive
to keep hold
of my inner
most thoughts
all while this
waterfall slowly
cooks me
from within.

i lazily
ponder the
around the
tattered old
pollution into
the gray skies
an orange
level alert
to insomnial
blistering grit
in saline lies.

sundays morning
is sandpaper
dragging over
the bruises of
another week
spent in stasis
toes dipped
in the lazy river
of toxic tomorrows
as the pollenated
pack into the
hollow cavities of
sinus distress.

showered in
sorrow laden
surrenders on
a sunless sunday
as the cinnamon
rolls turn golden
in the silence
awash with the
and a promise
of rains that
never seem to fall.


16 thoughts on “sunless sunday saturation

  1. This is your goddamn beloved
    This was yesterdays skank that you have given more time to than me. You are a horrible and selfish POS. You have always played games and put others ahead of me because you don’t have the balls to be honest and say anything true it live a true existence.
    Your best friend
    Or is this your best friend since she knows all about you including what you wear all the time.
    Girl you gave a present to on my birthday
    Your latest hot girl

    This doesn’t include Brooke or EC or Fiery and I know I’m probably missing a lot. You are middle aged man who spends all his free time with children and lying and telling everyone that you are their age. You are mean and scummy and I hate your guts and I would post it on your corpse account but I would be lost in the crowd over there so I will say it here since you had the nerve to write a book about me and profit off of me time and time again and then have the nerve to treat me like I don’t exist. You don’t exist. Nothing about you is real or true and what people like about you isn’t you. People may have always hated me but at least they are hating the real deal instead of some coward bitch who refused to be true to who they are like you. 🖕


    1. First. These are YouTube’s channels i have never heard of. Second. I give all of my friends and people that are close to me more time than I would give to someone I do not know, have never met, and calls me and my friends horrible names because you are batshit fucking insane. I assume this is fun for you, finding a random stranger and then being a rabid cunt to him and his friends who are just trying to write poetry and support each other. It’s funny how you fixated on me for no reason, while you are nothing but a troll to me. It used to bother me, because as a human, you are clearly suffering and I don’t like that to happen to anyone. But the more you rant and rave the less real you become. A one trick pony who threatens to kill people who you do not know. If you had linked philosophy and mythology channels, then you could have pretended to know something about me. You’re a sad and bitter person that needs to find help, and I hope you find it. Truly. But you have gone too fucking far too many fucking times with your insane accusations. Go away. Please. It’s not fun for anyone. Except maybe you.


      1. Christmas time more like a few weeks before it was before Birdbox came out and before I took my oldest to get her driver’s license. You needed a friend and I was there for you. We laughed, we joked and then you stopped talking to me poof out of nowhere just gone. I tried to chat and talk about Birdbox and you were I don’t want to talk about it I already saw that movie. You were mean and cold and dismissive. When you needed me I was there for you but you have never been there for me in return. You have put me down, put me last, made fun of me and told me we are NOT friends and then you have gone around telling everyone else how great they are. Couldn’t give a compliment if your life depended on it but always quick to put me down.. you telling me that you don’t care about me and that we are not friends only hammers in everything you have said for ten years and all the mean stuff everyone has said before that. You wouldn’t even read my writing or give any advice even when I asked because you DON’T want me to succeed.. you don’t like me and you want me to fail. This is no different than all the other your not the princess lines and of course I know we aren’t friends because YOU have always been an asshole to me and refuse to acknowledge me in any way because god forbid if anyone had to think anything less than perfect thoughts about you. You act like we are still living in the dark ages and it would ruin you for life to even be my friend. So guess who’s never had a friend? Your life is great so you don’t care if I’m sad or alone you already took why you wanted from me and it’s on to greener pastures now and fuck anyone else.


        1. I’ve never seen Birdbox. I’ve only had a blog here for five years. I certainly haven’t know you for ten years since I had no clue who you were before you began attacking me here. For fuck sake.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. 😒 we emailed back and forth and I don’t even have that email anymore nor do I remember what it was. You made it clear you didn’t want to be my friend and I didn’t hold an account that would never receive another message.


            1. I am not the person you are accusing me of being. Ten years ago I was happily in a relationship. It wasn’t until that fell apart that I began writing. Another thing people that know me know for a fact is I despise cheating. I would never do it. Ever. Life is hard enough without all the confusion. I most certainly don’t chase girls or watch YouTube channels specifically for them. That’s weird and gross. You’ve got me mistaken. But I can’t keep repeating this and being verbally assaulted for no reason.


              1. Just keep lying and I’ll just keep hating you because clearly having strangers respect you is more important than for me to respect you.

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                1. That’s okay. I don’t need yours, or anyone else’s respect. You are a stranger. An unhinged one. this is not fun for me. Good luck, Tammy. Or someone. Or whoever you are.


  2. Fuck you and fuck HER your goddamn skank bitch that you always write about and have always put ahead of me. I see the child Tina isn’t available to dress in school girl clothes for you today and give you more shit birthday cakes but that’s okay because you have a backup girl, always have at least six at all times and this POS will dress up and let you speak her since you ARE a pervert and WON’T stop chasing girls half your age. She’s just as good as Tina because all twenty something Asians look and act alike and you fuckers don’t give a damn because really all girls are interchangeable. I hope your dick rots off and everyone sees you for the middle aged pervert that you are. I hate your fucking guts and wish I had never met your child molesting ass. 🖕

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    1. you kind of hit all the high notes of crazy on this one. still no clue who you are. i don’t know any Tinas. it is pretty racist to say all twenty something Asians look the same. and the inferred misogyny and outright accusations are not just false, but frankly, offensive. i have been nice. thanks for reading. please fuck off.

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        1. True.
          I think there must be one you always write about though and put above Tammy Tara, like before her, in front of her and instead of her. Because of that, she sounds like the skankiest bitch of all because clearly, Tammy should be first, before, above, etc. for her vocabulary alone

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