five day forecast

weatherman says
it is gonna rain
all week long
but i don’t know
if placing hope
in someone with such
an abyssmal average
of accuracy
is worth lugging
an umbrella around
on the off chance
the smiling prick
guessed correctly
but we need all
the goddamned
the universe can
piss upon our heads
even if all we get
are these strained
tear stains and
bruises along our
tender distillations
sifting through the
turmoil and lies
for silver linings
to clouds that can
only promise acid rain
and i long to
melt away into a
pool of insecurities
rather than search
for answers that
never existed in the
bottom of empty bottles
needing one more fix
to fix this broken
that is all
i have ever known
a false pharmacist
filling prescriptions
with shaking hands
as i pocket pills
while waiting for
rain that never comes
tracing my fingers
over the waterlines
where better souls
drowned long before
a failed prophet
cutting myself open
with dreamsliver
soliloquies under
swollen clouds
that promise nothing
but bitter regrets
tracing out a future
with the same likelihood
of a weatherman
in a cheap suit
waving at a green screen
weaving falsehoods
in place of all the
better tomorrows
littering the gutters
on the long drive home


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