with understanding comes destruction

used to gaze
in wonder
at the cosmos
lights into
heroes and
monsters that
battled across
the ebon skies
forging the
to explain
the mysteries
of the universe.

science removed
the divinity
as light pollution
erased the source
and it feels
the more we
understand the
forces at play
the less wonder
there is in the
rigidity of law.

maybe it is because
i know how
pointless it all
truly is
that i write stories
to try and distract
myself from the
mundanity of this
spiralling demise
etching images in
frozen refrains
in the hopes of
sparking the embers
of belief in magic
in the dreary souls
who have all the answers
at their fingertips.

i used to sit
staring through a
telescope in the snow
covered back yard
my breath a fog
as i eye stared longingly
at the scattered diamonds
in the velvety darkness
a half frozen icarus
longing to soar
too close to the sun
now i am tired
and the only stars
i can see clearly
makes up orion’s belt
and i wonder how
it would feel to hang myself
from the glittery three.

used to gaze
upon the cosmos
thinking it
the wellspring
from which
the gods were born
connecting the dots
into a manual
to explain
the world around them
now hunanity
gazes in desperation
seeking a new
planet to despoil
because the more
we understand
the more damage
we can inflict.


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