a trope
that always bothered me
is the conceit
alien life
would be humanoid
in appearance
for any reason
the idea that
a second
once in a billion
lightning strike
into primordial dissent
would eeriely trace
the same trajectory
as the accident
that forced us
in semi consciousness
to think that
life can only prosper
under the same conditions
as our petri dish
the vanity of assumption
our weak forms are
the perfect vessel
of virtruvian splendor
is categorically absurd

there is a reason why
they insist god made man
in his image
and that is the vapid
shallowness of a species
insisting they stand alone
atop the food chain
while having only
the most basic notions
of the hows and whys
that keep our flailing
meat prisons mobile
a billion cells quivering
in a quasi state of being
enforcing our own
deluded grandeur over
an ever expanding universe
of which we occupy
a billionth at best
imagining green skinned
aliens with the same
basic flesh architecture
and never seeing how
we grasp at emptiness
and proudly proclaim dominion


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