a sheet of paper, part two

it flew
saturated in ink
tattooed with
heartblood and desire
seeping deep into
a sense of wonder
as the world
once a mystery
felt in the indentations
of a scratchy pen
clenched tightly
betweeen manic fingers
in microtears and
elongated tear drops

it flew
higher and higher
from the fool staring
in sullen disbelief

it flew
free of the binding
free of the curse
no longer a vessel
of soneone else’s need
but something new
as it twisted itself
to avoid the branches
leared to ride
upon the thermals
just like the sparrows
the fool whispered to

it flew
luxuriating in
this nascent
yet dreaming of
those wildflowers
the folklore
it and its brethren
had been preached to about
since the first time
the spine of
its former home
was broken

and finally
it flew
down a busy street
where it landed
on a counter
and suddenly exhausted
it took a nap


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