diff’rent shades

i follow
the different shades
as they bloom
on the chaste trees
that line the back roads
in late spring they
call to me in
lilac hues that
call to that homesick
lost child in
my chest crying
for mommy to love me
or daddy to
come home from
the bar and save me
the bright clusters
fade from lavender
to a soft pink
as the sun burns
the grass to brown
the shade of fatty salmon
switching from
salt water dementia
to freshwater spawning
and i fight the currents
always pushing me back
one teetering step
closer to nowhere
as summer begins to fade
and the blossoms turn
burgundy as a bloodstain
in autumn’s tenuousness
and i feel myself
crumbling inwards
prepared for another
winter of discontented
hibernated passions
waiting once more
for the lilacs to call
from so far away
uncertain of the passage
of manmade delusions
following the blooms
on the chaste trees
along the back roads
lost in the shades
and dreaming of you


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