a sheet of paper, part five

the days stretched
bleeding together much
the same as when
the fool would press too
hard and the ink ran
from on sheet to another
blurring thoughts
until there was a sort of
standard uniformity to
the sheet of paper’s
new daily routine

it would wake up with
the church bells song as
the metallic choir rang
with the rising sun
the sheet slid tiredly
from the bed of the small
apartment it now rented
to flutter sleepily
to the couch where it
listened to the news
mentally preparing itself
for the doldrums to come

the sheet had proven to be
a natural at its new job
sitting quietly and going over
the numbers written in the
large registers in frantic scrawl
checking the sums for
any mathematical errors
as the woman talked about
the lives of the people
in the offices around them
all the while something
undulated in its inky spul
a unidentifiable need for more

but what?
it did not know
not for sure
just that something
important was missing
a purpose that kept it
up late into the night
and haunted thr scraps
of dreams that lingered
throughout the day


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