a sheet of paper, part six

the wonder soon began
to wear off
as the sheet of paper
grew accustomed to
the routines of
its new existence
fluttering out of bed
at six in the morning
rushing through the
sunrise it once found
so glorious now just
another abstraction
that didn’t distract
quite the same way it
had scant months before
drifting to the office
the same small talk
from its coworkers
work and toil away until
it was time to go home
do the necessities and
try to find a few moments
to do the things it
had once so thoroughly
enjoyed yet now was met
with apprehension for
the time they wasted

the words the fool had
scribbled incessantly
the ones that leaked down
into the nascent inky soul
began to resonate
the once meaningless jumble
of random etchings now
spoke clearly to the
now disenchanted though
seemingly enchanted
sheet of paper as it sat
wondering where the day went
and how it was already
time for bed and yet
it felt as if nothing
had been accomplished

was this all there was?
a thankless day spent
pursuing someone else’s dream?

it didn’t know
but it could tell that
these types of thoughts
were what kept the fool
awake long into the night
and it feared maybe now
the curse had afflicted
it to the same tortures

as it lay staring up
at the emotionless ceiling
the sheet of paper thought
of wildflowers in spring
something it had never seen
yet called out to it softly
it fell asleep
just in time for
the alarm to ring


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