silvery threads

a bedrock stirring
clustered explosion
right after a
glimpse of her smiling
in tattered dream
collecting hints of
silver lingings
drifting from the
angry storms circling
to weave a blanket
infused with this
all encompassing
love that blossoms
across my pockmarked
swirling desolation
dreampollen floating
an intoxicating whiff
of secret kisses
infused with golden
notes of dawn

for all my pessimism
i take comfort in
knowing her beauty
exists to tame this
excess in excrutiation
a cool balm
diffusing the ticking bomb
in my hollow skull
collecting my broken
to reflect something close
to wholly formed
in her bottomless gaze
snatching silvery threads
exhaling adoration
even as my molten core
churns a sorrowful dirges


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