snapshot of devotion

i gave my poetry
to the wobbling heron
as she flew low
barely skimming
the surface of the waves
with breathless abandon
the coffee flavored
words of pure devotion
spilled into the
warming morning air
as my heart fluttered
with the cardinals
in the heavy thicket.

stolen glimpses of
unimaginable beauty
as my tongue forms
her name in an effortless
display of adoration
as easy as breathing
as consuming as flame
my every cell screaming
in defiance at the
distance between our
entangled heartmurmurs.

the heron soars
majestically awkward
belly full of fish
as the swirl of poetry
glimmers a chemtrail
over the sparkling waves
if van gogh were here
perhaps he could capture
the spectral beauty
in this vivisection of
her smile burning bright
a beacon in my soul
and the silent heron
carrying my love to
spread wildflowers all
across the quiet morn.


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