anything anywhere anytime

the ride was
going so well
i went the back way
down mockingbird
crossed over
grassy canals
and got a perfect
view of dallas’s skyline
there were two
wrecks but i
somehow deftly
managed to avoid
getting caught up
in the congestion
another fleck of phlegm
barrowing escaping
the constriction
of sudden construction
the highway was open
sun was shining
clouds were little more
than wispy white echoes
ghosts lovingly
stretched across
the adoration in a
nearly perfect afternoon
and then
one exit before mine
everything came
to a literal
screeching halt
now i sit staring
at a truck
reminding me
they can ship
anything anywhere anytime
as i ponder the
logisitcs of pulling
the car into the back
if we could
somehow skip all
the traffic and
send myself to her
twenty minutes ago

crashing harder than
the two pickups
blocking three lanes
wishing for a loophole
to carve my way
througj the abusrdity
in my idiotic hopes


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