passionate despair

i get lost
roaming the spirals
in dessicated wonder
genuflecting at
the empty throne of
creation as the fading
fingerprints of god
leave another desert
where verdant dream
once flourished
kicking the speckled
remains of eggshells
watching the skies
for signs of life
under the absence
that bears down heavily
to shatter the hollow
semblance of hope
in regurgitated strains
of happiness as yet
left undiscovered

i know the sun has
risen beyond my
darkened nest of
half finished
manuscripts and
hastily sketched
panoramas of insular
decline in tumbling
strands of cellular
decay breathlessly
spat across reams of
unpoetic detritus
yet the penumbra in
golden disdain leaves
nothing but shadows
where solidity is
another urban legend
like joyful tomorrows
amid the corrosion of
morning spent in
self made hellscapes
of passionate despair


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