straddling between
the shortening days
and lengthening nights
the autumnal equinox
signaling the end
of summer’s embrace
as we slip towards
the frozen tyranny
spent in lingering dark
the tenebrae weakens
between life and death
allowing a slipshod
bleeding over where
the spirits exert a
faint soectral moducum
of influence after so
long spectating through
the effervescent veil.

samhain stirs sleepily
as the great hunt
sounds mighty horns
snarling mongrels pull
at the their tethers
as the horned king calls
throughout the realms
that overlap in a blur
where magicks thrum
and nightmares roam free
covens gather paying
homage to hecate around
grand bonfires as the
harvest moon hangs sallow
bursting with echoes of
ancient powers that have
lain dormant all year
leeching the verdancy
to paint the land in
the many shades of decay


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