a caffeinated slurry of vaguely vanilla dismays

electrified eels
lazily arc through
my intestines
as a razor blade
symphony slices
my internals into
bloody meat ribbons
and i cannot tell
if this is some
kind of stomach bug
or the constant
whirlwind of rabid
anxieties finally
catching up to me
as a rain of hot
coffee bukkake sprays
from the shaker to
singe my cheeks with
the vaguely vanilla
whey isolate i use
to fuel the entropy

the sun rises later
as autumn teases
relief from the heat
and the night grows
longer as i tiredly
linger in between
restless periods where
dream hovers at the
edge of the horizon
obscured by futility
the klaxon wailing
in the wartorn biomes
of a fool whispering
plaintive declarations
in a sarcophagus of
panicked anxieties
and cramping agonies
while the dead eyed
glare of eternity
blinks in boredom at
the prospect of yet
another day in hell


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