the delicate stomach of an amateur astrophysicist

on occasion
the wobble of the earth’s
rotation feels
more pronounced
and my tenuous grasp
slips ever so slightly
so i close my eyes
awaiting the sudden shift
before the vacuous embrace
in boiling blood
as i rupture
in agonzing sublimation
among the emptiness
between fading stars

in the meantime
i shuffle awakwardly
over eggshells and landmines
an ever present copper taste
from biting my lip
so as to not disturb
anyone with my struggles
the stuttering jerk
as the indentation sends
rippling waves across
gravitational fluctuations
a conduit to an
electronic ocean of words
if you place your ear
against my forehead
you can hear the crashing
of tumbling letters
an autobiographical obituary
hastily scribbled
in real time
mere moments before i
drift off into space


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