rambling down a lonely stretch towards Brownwood Texas

i’ve never driven to Brownwood Texas when it wasn’t raining until today so i took the back way deep in the heart of nowhere and relative absence of people scenic vistas rolling hills covered with short trees wide open fields hurts and beautiful horses I find myself awestruck at the sight of the longhorns with something majestic about such a lumbering beast pulled over to the side to pet some baby goats a weakness I can’t help myself It’s just something about scratching them little nubs of horns might be one day the way they bleat happily but I’m surprised typically the skies are filled with circling hawks sparrows swoop across the road but there’s been nary an avian friend long long stretches now I don’t know if it’s the lack of roadkill official flower of Texas highways or perhaps it’s because Autumn is falling the routines have changed I often wonder about seasonal depression as someone who only knows year long depression it sounds so disappointing to watch the world rod and not feel hope one day that’ll be you It’s beautiful out here route 67 to Brownwood headed towards dublin texas where they’re claim to fame was bottling dr pepper with real sugar until corporate greed decided that they could make more money off of it so they took the small town business away folded into massive conglomerate of a avarice and douchebags i guess that’s just the way of things no real point bothering to question things that’s all just a fucking ponzi scheme wake work by sleep dream repeat until there’s no more waking I wonder if the hawks are sleeping nestled down waiting for the field last scurry from their warrants feels extra lonely out here today but that’s probably just me


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