distracted by
the refractions
against moisture
in languishing
droplets of vapor
sending an illusion
of cerulean to
disguise the vast
emptiness that
surrounds each
failing cell as
the rotation
whips the tiny
ossicles into a
full blown frenzy
and i can feel
the pull of solar
irradiated oblivion
leeching my will
into the spiraling
arms of infinity

i simmer in my
celestial incoherence
mistaken for another
vassal of vestigial
yet just a dead
satellite reflecting
the glow of a
hundred thousand
supernovas as
refracted back through
a delusion of rains
unprepared for falling
an accumulation of
irregular cumuli
strangling the light
in irrational bursts
of irradiated indifference

i exist in
the fragmented
in the corner of
your sleepy eye
a wispy reverie
lingering in
the steam rising
from the remnants
of buried desire
a vicarious vision
in caffeinated malaise


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