the coffee maker screams steam laden dismay

lost in numerics
in the sultry sequence
of algebraic insolence
letters and numbers
equating solutions
to solvent equations
of hypothetical
figures dancing under
the hazy moon as it
deteriorates in the
nascent beams of
a cranky morning sun
trickling latent sums
through the carefully
regulated ignominy of
the chaos brewing
black in the absence
of emotive response
lurking in the expansive
diluted dismalities
in half dreamt rancor
maliciously convoluting
basic mathematical law

i sit chewing the pen
ignoring the ink
trailing down my chin
trying to grasp at
these integers
drunkenly swimming
in chemical malaise
imaginary figures
placeholders for
the mysteries sitting
just beyond the gaze
of feral incompetence
in pools of indigo
indecisions as a
distinct lack of
basic understanding
as to the invisble
currents flowing in
random pervasive waves
distinctly unravels the
mercurial nature of
depressive undertones
in the flimsy facade
of divine misfortunes


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