brass statuary

brass statues
frozen smiles locked
in the tedium of
false motion
never managing to
accomplish a thing
except collecting
birdshit and acting
as props for tourists
tarnished handprints
in sickly green
obscuring the sorrow
of being held
at arms length from
the joyous crowds

i find that i can
relate more to these
brassworked automatons
forgotten burdens
forced into a life
of ever farther goals
collecting dust
as the world spins
idiotically into
the open arms of
man made armageddons
an acceptance of
shrugged off intentions

i watched the clothes
spin in the dirty suds
from the dirty windshield
i never manage to
find the time to clean
the accumulated residue
of a watcher who
so desperately wishes
to be part of life
sitting silently staring
as it happens all around
a brass statue in
frozen step growing
no closer to those
happy endings promised
by the lying bastards
affixing carrots to sticks


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