a fairy tale

a fairy tale
grounded in
harsh reality
no magical spells
cast to save the
plucky hero
just a lifetime
of issues used
to make sure
the ending is
the only happiness
to be found.

no wishes granted
as each one of
the fears compacted
is exploited by
the careless whims
of indifference
casually given out
in place of kindness.

actions are said
to speak louder than
words ever could
so inactions draped
in a fugue of silence
serve only to prove
all those harsh lessons
learned carry more
truth about a fool
waiting for some
magical entity to
spread magical dust
to escape a destiny of
always being set aside
than a thousand empty
could ever erase.

wishing upon stars
that died long before
the scars were driven
into innocent flesh
and the only answers
given in tea leaves
is there is nothing
to be found in auguries
but wishful thinking
and another drive to
the scenic barrenness
relfected in the gaze
of hearfelt pleas
left unanswered by
the inward facing stare
of universal apathy.


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