no wallet, no proximity to enlightenment

today is
the third day
out of four
this week that
i have
forgotten my
wallet at home
and i am unsure
what is so
important in
my brain
that overrides
my common sense
and has me
hustle out
without a basic
double check

i could blame
the brain lightning
leaving me
half catatonic
and out of sorts
but it isn’t like
this is new
overcharged synapses
is sort of
what keeps me going
a liquid diet of
protein powder
and vitamins
feeds the flesh
rampant depression
clogs the mind
and my wallet sitting
on the end table
makes me worry
it is adding up
and hastening my

i need a vacation
from myself
two weeks dissociating
on the floor of
some two-bit motel
at the ass end of
civilization where
the internal pressure
can equalize slightly
or i can dissolve
a human shaped mold
staining the carpet
as i achieve my
chaotic nirvana
a stick in the spokes
of the wheel of
reincarnation doomed
to repeat past mistakes
into an infinity of
broken sorrows


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