an impossibility of thought in clustered retort

coursing across
the left side of
my skull
singing the air
with ozone laden
agonizing forks
leaving me
unwilling to shift
for fear of
reigniting this
tempest of
tumultuous terror

i sit alone
nude except for my
hat pulled low
the constant pressure
overloading the
sensitive region
creating an
abyss of stabbing
pains before
settling back
into a dull aching

days like this
i long to stay buried
in bed with my
head beneath
the pillows i have
infused with
loving declarations
a solicitation
to solitide where
i can relax in
the uncontrollable
flinches and exhalations
of inflamed surrender

instead it is
coffee to shake the
inability to sleep
a hat inciting
the overdose
in the hopes of
evening out the
flashes of lavender
and frantic prose
to the sparrows
as i dress to face
the faceless torment
of clustered aches
dancing in my hollow skull

three times three
in soft whimpers
i send my heart
to my tethers
for safe keeping from
the stormy barrage
three time three
in desperate pleas
to universal indifference
that they are spared
these torments of
inextinguishable woe
three times three
my love to them
three times three
i face the day


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