tiny bits of ashen wings

moths circle
fluttering around
my tremulous skull
ashen smears
streak my left temple
as the unchecked
voltage has turned
me into a walking
bug zapper
the current spikes
arcing over the
faint stubble
in a paralysis of
anxietal demands

i spent the night
trying to harness this
rampant energy
in spasming flares
lighting the bedroom
a fourth of july
in autumnal angst
hoping to gain
superpowers not limited
to an autistic artistry
of purloined pains in
semipoetic refrains

velvet wings causing
turbulent winds
in an ignition of
insolent indignation
and yet the wildflowers
send the succor of
sweet pollen to
insulate the agonies
in a dichotomous clay
as scorch marks scar
the inner sanctum of
a foolish would be tesla
with just enough basic
electrical understanding
to lash himself to
this jacob’s ladder
a conduit for madness
in a sea of thundering
painblossoms crashing


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