faraday delusions

last night
in lieu of sleep
i carefully sketched
a faraday cage design
for cradling my
errantly sparking
gelatinous mind
a series of
metal grommets
in hasty incisions
braided copper
dreadlocks strung
connected to
the frame of the bed
draining this
excessive voltage
through coiled springs
discharging in
a lavender hell
to power this
ragged machine of
entropic delusion
long after the flesh
has burnt off

my vitruvian body
lashed in place
a wooden dowel
between broken teeth
a victim of
self incited electrolysis
suspending the iron
in an anemic system
a human lodestone
spinning with each
magnetic fluctuation
of pulsating solar
flares in time with
irrational spasms
a vessel for the
lost divinity in
the ebbing terminus
at the still heart of
miswired oblivions

an inhuman parody
twitching in time to
the howling screams
of chaos embedded in
the schismatic hell
bridging dreamchasms
overlaying madness
in submissive malaise
trying to subjugate
dismissive agonies
into masterworks of
profane proliferation
leaving nothing behind
except the scorched
fields of damnation
bidding farewell to
faithful fallacies
a fetid fecundity of
foolish false devotions
in a diffusion of
lavender lightning
arcing throughout the
loneliness of a an
amateur electrician
sketching schematics
of wrought iron cages
in escapist insanity


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