dreamdander doomspires

i lay calm
an ebony pool
with a warped reflection
of the moon
shimmering in my
shallow depth
a contortionist
i am pulled
mercurial in nature
transitioning effortlessly
between states of
an evaporation
in sublimated refrain

an internal alarm
in klaxon reverberation
my soul condensed into
a fine mist forced
into a cramped darkness
where the pistons slide
the pressure builds into
an explosive burst
slamming the metal cylinders
into a commotion of
fiery movement
rusted mechanisms shudder
driving forth this
chariot of inclement disaster
as my blackened miasma
hisses in exhausted fumes

a carbon distillate
recirculated in
a maze of precious metals
leeching the essence
of poetic distemper
in nauseated compulsions
the rancid remains of
soulshattered surrender
leaking invisible fumes
to choke the sun
hidden behind the haze
an insidious ink stain
blotting the morning sky
as a clattering cacophony
of half sheared gears
grind out hidden missives
in a symposium of
deathrattle declarations

i lay writhing
a supple infusion of
agonized instabilities
fluctuating across
my obsidian incongruence
the obscured reflection
of the callous moon
rippling in the chaos
awaiting ignition
my paleolithic spirit
rendered inert in
petroleum epiphanies
drawing forth the
dreamfucked delusions
necessary to circumnavigate
these crumbled monuments
to monumental failings
a dessication of hope
in dreamdander doomspires


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